Greenville, TX Estimates on Fire Damage Cleanup

No matter the size, a house fire can bring big changes to your every day life. Luckily, some of your inconvenience can be eased by getting Paul Davis to fix the damaged area. As the number and strength of forest fires and arson in the South continues, fire damage has spread. We have almost fifty years of practice alleviating the damage found in thousands of properties throughout the country, whatever the cause. To request assistance, follow the “24-hour Emergency Services option. We provide budget friendly fire damage remediation and connect with you within half an hour and arrive at your home within 4 hours. The following help is available through Paul Davis Emergency Services of Rockwall, TX:

  • Emergency damage repair quotes
  • Assistance with your insurance company
  • Emergency structural reconstruction and board ups
  • Smoke odor elimination, sanitation and air purification
  • Water runoff removal
  • Referral to a reliable fire damage restoration company

Certified Fire Damage Company

Removing the effects that fires cause calls for the right knowledge. While there is often damage generated by heat, pollution from chemical reactions can strike while a fire is raging. In addition to the heat damage, fire leaves behind hazardous ash that can cover walls and floors. All of this, along with water from firefighting efforts, may saddle you with water damage. Such a blend of damage requires a professional opinion to fix it completely, so be sure you go with a certified fire damage firm like Paul Davis. Your caring damage removal professionals from Paul Davis Emergency Services of Rockwall, TX have the training to fix any problems the fire caused. We also provide help for damage from smoke. Learn more here.

How Paul Davis of Greenville, TX Works

When we arrive, we conduct a complete inspection and apply what we learn to form a plan for eliminating areas the fire touched. Not all damage is easy to see. For instance, damage from water or fire beneath your floor or between layers of drywall can have a long lasting effect on your property. Insurance providers aren’t always inclined to compensate you for these costs down the road, and the price of your property can drop when you cover up existing issues. Our total evaluation will make sure the repair addresses all the problems quickly and efficiently.

Block Hazardous Spaces

The blend of heat and moisture can weaken structural features of your house, making it dangerous to use. We’ll divide these risky sections from the safe areas of your home to guard your family.

Remove Eliminate Remaining Water

To avoid continued damage, we remove all the leftover water as soon as we can. These remaining splotches can be a perfect home for mildew development that causes more damage. We ensure that rot doesn’t have time to take over by completely drying the area.

Why Paul Davis Emergency Services of Rockwall, TX?

Years of training and time in the field are crucial for removing fire damage. Paul Davis Emergency Services respond to calls throughout the country because we are proud of our training and advanced tools. We have seen fires of all sizes and intensities and we are happy to give an estimate on your emergency fire damage remediation.