Rockwall, TX Storm Damage Emergency Help

The South and TX are famous for severe storms. Warm months often bring the harshest storms like funnel clouds, tropical storms and thunderstorms. Unfortunately, even the most prepared homes or commercial properties can be leveled by severe weather. The emergency professionalswith Paul Davis serve the Rockwall region with quick response times and thorough repairs.

Storm Damage Clean Up Contractor

The Paul Davis contractors have helped locals with storm repair in days after severe storms near Rockwall. Our team is here anytime for emergency services and estimates on storm damage. However serious the damage, you can call on our bonded restoration contractors to restore your home or business. We contribute to the insurance route and offer damage repair estimates. Paul Davis performs storm damage restoration for the following types of events:

Wind Damage

Tornadoes in Rockwall, TX and across the Southeast can be mild to violent. Infrastructure, electrical connections and homes can take on serious damage in these severe events. Frequent damage tornadoes cause includes torn siding, broken windows, missing shingles and even whole roofs. Storms can toss or tip over vehicles and fall landscaping around your home. Call the contractors from Rockwall Paul Davis if your home or business is inflicted with storm damage.

Rain Damage

Water can be a life-giving force, but in floods, it can be destructive. When enough water pools, flooding can damage structures, drywall, fabrics and produce mold when neglected. A serious thunderstorm with heavy rainfall can leave behind dirty debris or septic leakage in your yard too. Paul Davis Emergency specialists also remove flood damage, find out more on our page.

Tropical Storm Damage

Tropical storms combine the most devastating parts of strong winds and flooding into one dangerous storm. Although tropical storms vary in strength, these storms can be strong enough to destroy homes, uproot landscaping and flip vehicles. If you would like an estimate for storm damage repair after a hurricane, contact Paul Davis today.

Hail Damage

Rockwall doesn’t get feet of snow, but frozen rain and sleet can be real problem. Large hailstones can bend and splinter shingles and siding, which lead to permanent damage. Call Paul Davis of Rockwall for assistance with hail damage.